Future Operating Model

DBMC closely supports Deutsche Bank as it shifts from a “traditional bank” to a more flexible, innovative, and agile organization. With a core competency in the design, development, and implementation of all elements of operating models, DBMC works with business leaders to design and change their operating models, as well as the behavioural and cultural change needed to deliver it.

We explore, test and deploy both new and proven methods across the organization, to accelerate the core transformation of Deutsche Bank.

Examples of a few projects delivered by our ‘Future Operating Model” proposition are below.

  • CIB Operations Transformation Engine, United States of America

    DBMC specialists supported Group Finance in the Americas through their transition to a new, globally aligned operating model, organised by function rather than legal entity. The work involved collecting and analysing information across 300+ Group Finance staff in New York City and Jacksonville (Florida) to design the target state and coordinate staff movements into their new teams. The work also identified opportunities to streamline how Group Finance in the Americas operates by addressing structural and process-based as well as data issues affecting report production. The result was a successful transition to the new operating model and the realisation of cost savings for the Group.

    “It was a significant project which balanced analysis and design with practical execution considerations. It also gave the DBMC team an opportunity to collaborate closely with CFO leadership in the region.”

  • Process mining on Group-wide project management activities, Germany

    DBMC is bringing new technologies into DB: to support our efforts to improve the bank’s processes, we need an effective way to model and measure system effectiveness. We introduced process mining with a pilot project, testing different software solutions available on the market.

    Our pilot project covers the processes linked to Change Execution Governance (project management), where we measured the effort linked to managing the bank’s large portfolio of projects, and identify opportunities to simplify governance processes or improve user experience on the supporting systems.

    “This is the first step in our ambition to offer the bank with a wide range of methodologies and tools that can be used by the divisions themselves or with the support of DBMC, to multiply our impact on DB’s transformation. DBMC is in a unique position to test new technologies and assess their potential based on our deep understanding of DB.”