DB Management Consulting: Value Proposition

Our value proposition focuses on three key areas:


We are a highly motivated team of consultants with diverse backgrounds ranging from top-university graduates, to experienced professionals from leading consultancies, to experts from within the bank.

The cross-locational teamwork and regular dialogue promote the creation of a global DBMC community and foster a culture of knowledge sharing and open feedback across all seniority levels.

Our various team events such as sport activities or cooking evenings positively contribute to our unique spirit.

Professional Development

Deutsche Bank Management Consulting is a key contributor to Deutsche Bank’s strategic vision and long-term success and plays a vital role in driving the bank’s transformation.

As part of our team, you will gain consulting experience and have exposure across the entire financial services value chain. You will also have the chance to develop deep insights into the strategy, structure and operating model of a global, systemically relevant bank and DAX30 company.

Through the quality of our work, the style in which we work, the outcomes we deliver, and the relationships we build with our clients, we become trusted advisors, project managers, and partners for Deutsche Bank’s top-priority strategic projects, including confidential initiatives not in the public domain. 

We offer a significant number of bespoke and targeted trainings for our consulting staff and support all our employees through regular coaching, mentoring and direct feedback.

Personal Development

Deutsche Bank Management Consulting gives you the opportunity to work with Deutsche Bank‘s senior management and cultivate a network within the bank to expand your career opportunities.

As part of our team, located in Frankfurt, London, and New York, you have the opportunity to gain international experience through cross-locational projects across all Deutsche Bank‘s businesses and functions.